Tilting at Windmills: Humor Writing by Daniel D

Fun and Funny Humor Writing from Crazy Wannabe Comedian, Daniel D!

A Stunning and Brave Literary Genius Shares His Art with Weary Interstate Travelers and Over-the-Road Truck Drivers
My idea for cashing in on the Green Energy Grift
The YouTube algorithm introduces me to the hilarious and terribly underappreciated King of Cleveland
In which a Time Traveler realizes his calculations were a little off . . . #sciencefiction #humor
Honoring Rachel Dolezal: Black Queen, Feminist Icon, and Rainbow-Pride Coalition member!
A Disney-esque Reinvention of a Classic Fairy Tale for Politically-Correct Modern Audiences
Here's an Ingenious Way for Crackas Like Me to Claim Preferential Victim Status without Having to Join the Rainbow Coalition!
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