Lots to love here, though I no longer trust that John Lennon wrote the songs commonly attributed to him. https://jamesperloff.net/hey-hey-were-the-beatles/

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When I was an Admin at the Doomstead Diner after 2008, we often talked about how, as their response to bankers blowing up the credit system was to give the keys of the kingdom to the bankers (thanks Obama!), that the next bubble would dwarf that bubble, that everything would destabilize ever more over time, and as a consequence, a lot of people would go insane.

We had no idea how insane. It is one thing to talk about it happening, it is another living in it. We never imagined the sterilization and mutilation of children, as example. Or East Palestine. Or "there is no such thing as a woman." Or the covid fraud. Or these geriatrics in their "prime" before the global credit bubble of the aughts, still in "power," over a nation in an advanced state of collapse everybody is acting like is still progress.

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Wrt footnote #7. My condolences on your sterling-fresh coinage already taken by mobile ducks. Doesn’t subtract from well-deserved moniker that fully suits. Anywhoo, what exactly is accomplished? 😝

PS As to ‘world’s best profile picture’, alas & alack opinions differ 🤭 (tobyrogers.substack.com/p/thinking-points-july-25-2023/comment/21285805)


Ohh, btw: a pure d-lite of an essay, at much-sought 2E level (educational & entertaining). Footnotes I’d signally single out 🤸

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