This was great stuff. Saldo's Turbo-America strikes me as nothing more than the metastasis of a long-developing cancer, the acceleration into collapse caused by the terminal population explosion of a parasitic organism. He's right that revolt is not in the cards any time soon - what is there to unite around? But by the same token, as you correctly describe, no one cares anymore. The GAE dies not with a bang, but a whimper.

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“Lord willing, we will be able to learn from our mistakes and design a new system that cultivates virtue and incentivizes excellence, while dis-incentivizing corruption. I will discuss my ideas for that in United States of Enron”

Looking forward to that. Meanwhile, https://twitter.com/aynrandfan/status/1630808413797232643?s=46&t=i3Y5gXL0yqpW0etnkVV6sw

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Very well said, and written.

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In 2010-2014 when I was an Admin at the Doomstead Diner we pointed out repeatedly, if we don't do something about these bankers and the debt, the next bubble is going to make the housing bubble look tiny, and it will likely be the last.

They literally increased the debt by 30% in two years, to float the banks, 2020-2022. That is what covid was, mostly a means to print 5 trillion for the banks in a short period of time, then flood the zone with new money for the likes of Blackrock to buy up the wreckage of covid economy, which is the greatest transfer of wealth up the social pyramid in the history of the world, dwarfing the Great Recession.

People don't understand why I am planting an orchard and a giant garden this spring, with plans to put a lot of veggies away next Fall. I don't think it will be long before they do. This feels to me like 2007 x's 10.

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I don't think they're driving towards selfless ends at all. The narrative of climate and contagion that is so destructive does something very important, it provides them with a justification to centralize power. What the psychopath is motivated by is the lust to consolidate power, which meets their needs regardless of timeline. You say they won't enjoy the ultimate outcome, but they are already enjoying the fruits now. The more power is consolidated, the more these cretins thrive. They are coordinated by this desire for power and control. Now, that said, this desire could be the product of malign cosmic forces...

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This is FIRE, Daniel-san.

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Clearly a fake poll, bro. Be more cynical.

"And in the latest Gallup Poll, 41% of Americans still approve of the job Brandon is doing?"

Remember how when Trump was running, all the polls were "wrong"? No, they were purposefully dishonest, and briefly got exposed.

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Nice article - looking forward to the next one. The basics is where it begins.

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I get the feeling that we all just want it over. We need resolution. We are exhausted watching the accelerating decline and the sheer weirdness and dysfunction.

Re the 2024 elections. There is some speculation that these may not take place at all. The late Vladimir Zhirinovski predicted just before his death that the '24 elections would not be held. He was pretty smart, if controversial, so may have been on to something.

The collapse is already happening. There are apparently food shortages in England (egg shortages in London supermarkets, and now some vegetables).

Concrete skills (trades, agriculture/horticulture/medicine) are essential. Access to a small plot of land (an allotment). No need to grow everything, just enough to supplement a family diet. DIY types will do well.

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"Which view is correct? Are we more like Rome in 27 B.C., in that our Republic may be practically dead, but it’s about to be reborn as history’s greatest empire? Or are we more like the Soviet Union circa 1990, mere months away from attempted coups in D.C., the sudden disintegration of N.A.T.O., and the complete collapse of the federal government?"

Why not both?

I'm anticipating a full collapse of the G.A.E., and a major collapse of FedGov (along with their propaganda/mind control ability, and most of their ability to project power), with a return to local autonomy. This will be out of necessity, and will result a previously absent sense of genuine purpose for we, the people.

There's a lot of actors in motion in this machine. Some are trying bring about the WEF/Davos shitbag crowds technotyrrany dystopia, some are trying to preserve some functionality and keep outdated/hopelessly broken bureaucratic systems operating, and some are trying to create something new, looking back to what worked in the past, while also seeing what didn't work and trying something else.

What's different this time? This is the most talked about collapse in recorded human history. Perhaps as many as 15-30% of the population is paying attention and taking action, and that's way more than any other collapse (as far as I can tell). Those people are going to be positioned to make decisions and direct resources to create what comes after. The rest are going to do what they've always done: As they are told.

All that said: It ain't gonna be easy for most people, even the prepared. But if you are paying attention, and have been taking logical steps to prepare, you will have a much easier time than most. Who knows, you might even enjoy it, and find a thriving you only dreamed possible in the process.

If you're just waking up to this: You may only have months, instead of years. Get busy.

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