Inward and outward-directed militaries are fundamentally incompatible. Arab nations for the last century or so have preferred the former, in order to maintain order within their tribally fractious countries; they also tend to deliberately cripple their militaries in order to prevent them from becoming independent power centres from which coups d'etat can be launched ... an eventuality I suspect the Swamp Clowns are also worried about. In any case, the result for Arab militaries on the battlefield has generally been terrible.

While DIE policies may well prevent white men from wanting to join, there's an easy way around that in the event of a Great Power war. Nothing stops DC from activating Selective Service and simply drafting every able-bodied white boy they can find, then sending them off overseas to get chewed up by Chinese drones in African bush wars. That would solve multiple problems for the regime. Of course, morale would be a problem, but that's easily dealt with too: just fit the cannon fodder with cameras and microphones, and have an AI watch them like hawks to make sure they don't start fragging officers or sabotaging equipment.

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Good one, Dan. I'd add that an unknown fraction of this military phenomenon (as well as the bizarre Rainbow-sepukka displays of recent corporate campaigns) could very well be an intentional controlled demolition, to make way for a different set of commanders and shareholders.

(Damn, I really need to get cranking on that "corporate fire sale" conspiracy post, before some clever sonofabitch beats me to it.)

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The DIE may not be necessary as a way to purge the military of right-thinking people. As I understand it, recruitment is way down. Men who have the traits of courage, honor, and patriotism will not be drawn to careers in this military.

Should we feel patriotism toward a nation that is taking away our freedom?

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The last time there was a wartime draft, the people being drafted came from a demographic (working class whites) that supported the war effort out of patriotism ingrained into them by a confident culture and a system they believed was acting in their interest. The leftists were the exempt college kids who burned down their campuses rather than even be associated with the war effort. After fifty years of exploitation of their patriotism and willingness to sacrifice, I cannot imagine there is enough goodwill left among working class whites where a draft would even be possible, and they don't really have another pool on which to draw upon. The enlistment rate data bears this out. There would be mass resistance to the draft on the level of the vaccine, especially since people realize that there would be an even more immediate threat to their lives.

One statistic I find interesting is that, while support for Trump among active duty service members largely mirrors that of the general public, among veterans no longer serving, it is significantly higher. Taken as a proxy, this indicates that there is a significant pool of people with military training, no longer under military authority, who dislike the current regime, which is good to know given the state of the system.



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Thanks for the link to my post, Daniel. I agree with Jesse Kelly's point too, the woke commies do want control over the military, but I still don't want straight, white males going in. The neocons have no off switch and no reverse gear, they want a war with China, and they are likely to get it, and they might yet get NATO directly involved in a war with Russia.

So it is time for the soy boys, trannies, and others to step up to fight and die for the empire. Let them be the cannon fodder for the GAE. I don't want any more white, straight males dying for this rotten, corrupt empire.

I also hope they do a draft, and that forces the soy boys (and soy girls too) into the military to be blown apart by Russian/Chinese missiles and bombs. No more sitting on their asses while the straight, white guys die in the wars. Time for the woke commies themselves to fight and die.

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Frankly no. You guys assume that they are more unified and more competent than they are.

A quality management hires A quality people, B quality management hires C quality. Why? Because the alpha feels secure in his position and doesn't feel threatened by his new hires. On the contrary they know that they need an A team to compete externally.

The B will hire the C to avoid being displaced internally. To compete against external teams is barely considered, to compete internally is the only consideration.

So lowering standards and recruiting morons allows the midwits to keep their cushy jobs a the front of the gravy thrugh (sp?) that is the late imperial capital.

Internal competition around that throgh is the only competition that matters. The external competition required to maintain the gravy train is rendered invisible by a strong SEP field, Somebody Else's Problem.

It is not vast machiavelli conspiracy taking third order effects into consideration, it's a bunch of fat pigs looking out only for number one, which is exactly what we see when we look at these people.

Gluttonous Pigs unburden by any real sense of civic duty, virtue, strength of will and character nor ability to inspire men into any deeds larger than theft and larceny.

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Don't let your young men DIE for their country. Make the other country make their men DIE for theirs.

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Another explanation is that Globohomo has decided an easy way to get rid of the Bill of Rights is to arrange for the US to be defeated in war. So an army incompetent against foreign nations, but ready to kill Whites, could be a win-win for the the antiwhites.

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White male of the right wing sexual predators are amongst your subscribers. Are you also one?

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