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Dude, that has almost nothing to do with the content of the post, except for your single use of the term "woke," from which you make an immediate and tangential connection to some supposed "truth about the Jews." I wrote an essay entitled "The Jewish Question," which you should read before you post anything else about "the Jews" on my substack: https://aghostinthemachine.substack.com/p/the-jewish-question.

What you say about cultural Marxism is generally correct, but I disagree with you 1000% that white ethno-nationalism is the solution. For the USA, we *can* have a culture of civic-nationalism that is defined by (1) values rooted in Human Nature and Natural Law that everyone is expected to uphold and (2) rules based on those values that are applied equally, without regard to race or ethnicity. So no more identity politics or DEI bullshit, and no more scapegoating anyone for society's problems because he belongs to a group you don't like. I hate it when black racists try to paint all white people as evil because of the historical wrongs committed by elite whites of previous eras, and I hate it just as much when a white person tries to paint all Jews as depraved because of the historical wrongs committed by elite Jews, or when a white person tried to paint all black people as depraved because of the crimes committed by the worst element of that demographic. I am a man, and I expect to be judged based on who I am and what I do, not what people who share my skin color or ethnicity may have done; and I fully reciprocate that to others.

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