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A Ghost in the Machine by Daniel D
A Reading of "How the Woke Debate" (Audio)

A Reading of "How the Woke Debate" (Audio)

A Humorous Sketch Illustrating the Underhanded Tactics the Woke Use to Subvert Discussions and Tips for Countering Them

A Reading of How the Woke Debate - brown eggs on white textile
A Reading of How the Woke Debate (Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash)

In this lucky 13th episode of A Ghost in the Machine Podcast, released Friday the 13th of January, 2023, Daniel D reads and discusses yesterday’s post, How the Woke Debate: The Way Wokesters "Win" Debates Without Ever Making a Single Good-Faith Argument. This is a humorous sketch that illustrates the underhanded tactics the woke use to subvert discussions, as well as tips for how to counter them.

A Ghost in the Machine
How the Woke Debate
[The scene is a high-end coffee shop in a gentrified urban neighborhood. An androgynous and porky person, with pink hair and pale, almost translucent skin, named Pat (pronouns “it/its”), stands to its feet and waddles towards a whiteboard on an easel. Pat is surrounded by similarly flabby, ghastly-pale, and sexless people, whose unblinking eyes follow i…
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Here’s a link to the comment thread referenced in the article (in which a wokeist attempted to use ICACA and got schooled for it): https://www.garbageday.email/p/on-the-cutting-edge-of-insurrectionist/comment/11771705

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A Ghost in the Machine
A Ghost in the Machine by Daniel D
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