When all these climate zealots start killing themselves, then I will believe they believe it.

Only in a demonically inverted paradigm would the media scream climate change about Lihaina, and then say nothing at all about the barricades, the fact that there was no water in the pipes to put fires out, and why schools were closed before the fire.

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"Are they “true believers” — sincere, but deluded, useful idiots who are unaware that their quasi-religious devotion has been weaponized by others? Or are they cynical grifters, eager to signal their loyalty to the regime in order to catch the eye of some powerful patron who will promote and reward them for being on the correct team?"

I used to be a senior writer for a national running magazine (there aren't many) and freelanced for a few other fitness pubs. Happily, not only am I formally excommunicated from that environment, most of the stuff I wrote for those demoralized outlets has been digitally vaporized as well.

Because neither distance running nor track and field more broadly are popular spectator sports in the U.S., they were more organically susceptible to Wokish vandals, saboteurs, others of a shitbird bent long before anyone realized Wokism was coming. Also, its fan base consists of a lot of recreational runners and joggers; this is an activity for those with free time, which in turn makes it a pursuit of the affluent. It also attracts body-neurotics. Presto! The entire running media now consists of white, frazzled harridans and old maids whose main purpose in life is to infect women's sports with as many mentally ill "females" with pink goatees and persistent erections (penile not clitoral, like you had to ask).

The whole shitshow is nothing but the most cynical and gelatinous grifters around. One is a black woman posing as a marathon runner who really is 5' 3" and 300 pounds, just like the fuckin' song. Sponsorships from HOKA, a free entry to the Boston Marathon (with 8,000 others turned away because the entry field was allegedly capped and full) so she could waddle 3 miles and quit.

Does one laugh? Cry? For me, each now bleeds into the other and I can tell you that I know some of the professional runners who are now all in on the horseshit -- and they to a one absolutely believe none of the shit they retweet, like praising "nonbinary" bozette who now holds the American record in the women's mile. And I think I would forgive them more if they did; I would rather consign someone to terminal retardation than optional spinelessness.

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The Gen Dread substack is the definition of climate hysteria driven mental illness

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WSJ had a piece about an electric company that neglected its duties to maintain the integrity of their electricity wires and facilities. That company (I forgot its name) played a huge role in the fire. But will it be held accountable? Nope. Because the Earth being Earth and the Sun being the Sun are to blame.

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Wow DD, wonderfully jammed with relevant outlier info, seasoned nicely with deserved sarcasm, thanks! I think I smell the blood of a Voluntaryist?

“The beginning of political wisdom is the realization that despite everything you’ve always been taught, the government is not really on your side; indeed, it is out to get you. The mass belief in the general beneficence of democracy represents a kind of Stockholm syndrome writ large. We shall never have real, lasting peace so long as we give our allegiance to the whole conglomeration of institutionalized exploiters and murderers we know as the state.” Robert Higgs

Get free, stay safe.

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Great piece. Articulate anger is particularly bracing. And infectious.

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It is very unfortunate that environmentalists have been used to promote genocide, but then so has everything else.

I have been an environmentalist for over 35 years and the important issues that were important then are still as important now.

Like back then, non of the important issues are being funded, addressed or prevented.

The only way I could have ever made a living in the environment was by becoming a government pen pusher. So I gave up on that way.

I tried to sell smallholder village harvest timber so the PNG villages didn't have to lease their land to multinational Slash and burn mobs, but the Mason Australian government made that illegal without paying massive $ for the cirtified stamps. Small Business and villages couldn't afford that so we got put out of business after 20 years making no money.

The worst part was our customers. They would come in wanting the ecological credentials for their virtue signalling and I would explain the facts.

Interesting that only 3 customers in 20 years were prepared to pay more for truly ecological product.

The consumer bought all of this( genocide) through their spending choices.

Most people need to do a bit of accounting before blaming the freakshow globalists. Hell, you employed them.

For those that don't know, the environmental priority no. 1. Has always been to preserve biodiversity for future generations. That's pretty much it, and sorry but a fucking impossible task given that humans on mass are fucking idiots.

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I almost don't want to look deeper into the Lahaina situation, especially after you brought up how Malthusian they are. But ever since 2015 I've encountered the most perplexing, detached and heartless reactions to things that would demand them of any human being. Including covid, where the WEF appeared to be happy about covid and the lockdowns. I don't blame you for questioning their humanity. Something's either broken or sold to the devil.

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Green is the new Red.

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Many people have the reincarnated souls of factory farmed animals

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In any movement you will find informed activists who are honest, informed activists who exaggerate intentionally in order to get The People to act, virtue signallers who will mouth talking points, exploiters who will use the issue for power and/or money, the press who will exaggerate in order to make an exciting story, and the gullible who actually believe the press.

The existence of the dishonest does not disprove the underlying problem.

Case in point: look at the economic predictions of the Austrian School economists back in the 1980s. Had you followed the advice of the gold bugs you would have lost out on the biggest stock market run in U.S. history. Does this disprove the entirety of Austrian School economic thinking?


I do not know the full impact of human added CO2 in the atmosphere. But I am certain the impact is higher than HAARP or chemtrails.

The Settled Science says that the first order forcing term is logarithmic. So until someone shows me evidence of some second order tipping point, I'm not going to panic. The 350 ppm threshold thing was a pure marketing gimmick promoted by Bill McKibben. (As far as I can tell, he's one of the informed sincere activists who was willing to play mind games for The Cause.)


The optimal political strategy is:

1. Point out the logarithmic driving term. Wikipedia is your friend here.

2. Point out the many counterproductive and outright destructive measured promoted by the serfdom quadrant activists.

3. Point out that impoverishing the West will accomplish nothing. We have to come up with solutions which enable the developing world to finish developing.

4. Work on viable alternatives which are compatible with liberty and with developing the developing world. (Watch early episodes of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and/or read some Jerry Pournelle and Petr Beckmann.)

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