This was brilliant and hilarious.

At the risk of letting sheer autism spoil the humor, the genetic evidence seems to suggest that cross-breeding between Sapiens and Neanderthalensis was exclusively through the male lineage of the latter, either because Neanda women couldn't bring half-breeds to term, or because hybrids with Sapiens Y chromosomes were sterile, or because the crosses were all produced by male neanderthals getting rapey. OR, and I just thought of it: perhaps all such hybrids were killed at birth by human supremacists, whereas the kind, wise, and gentle neanderthals raised their hybrid offspring like their own, which nurturing aspect to their harmonious culture led to many Sapiens women defecting from their evil subspecies.

As another aside, what about the Denisovans? African genocide against our peoples wasn't limited to Neandas, my Neanda! We are all POGs (People of Genocide), and that's a big coalition!

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Now I get it. I’m actually not a Neanderthal, but a Homo erectus, and the feminists are always accusing me of toxic masculinity.

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In college anthropolgy class a long time ago, the professor mentioned certain traits only descendents of Neanderthals have and I had some. Team Neanderthal for the win.

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Yer best yet...

Except, there's a flaw in your theory. Most African Americans are part white, so part neanda, so....

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Hey! I found your stack via Rollins’ Review. Good stuff, my friend. I write material in this vein as well on my stack, Sincere American Writing. I dig the satirical take on white woke identity politics. It absolutely deserves to me mocked, loathed, ridiculed. For me, as a P.C.--Proud Cracker--I feel the need to constantly validate my right to exist. Now I can claim Neanderthal-hood!!!


Michael Mohr

‘Sincere American Writing’


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Heard the Knack was doing a remake. My Neanda

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where is my bumper sticker. Neanda Proud

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As a proud Neanda, I support this Stack as “stack of the year”. I think a Time “Neanda of the Year” cover should feature you and be released as you perform stick drawings at the Super Bowl half time.

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My page on Neanderthals, Aspergers Autism and the Man trying to hide the war of extermination, gang rape and enslavement he conducted. Check your privilege, Cro-Mags!


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I can't say too much, Daniel. I don't think I need to.

Whites need to learn they have a genetic trump card that beats all the victim entitlement schemes that these savages could ever come up with.

You were once enslaved? WE WERE CANNIBALIZED, GANG RAPED AND THEN ENSLAVED. All non-whites are amateur hour compared to the sob story we have latent in our gene pool. We've got you ALL beat. WE WERE ALWAYS ABOLITIONISTS. The non-whites have been dealing in slaves for thousands of years but claim there is something special about their enslavement.

FACE IT, YOU WANT TO THROW DOWN ON THIS SUBJECT, NOBODY ANYWHERE HAS EVER BEEN A BIGGER N*GGER THAN THE NEANDERTHALS. The entire planet continues to sh*t all over us to this day and we never got any compassion from anybody. We tried to break off and form our own nation to see to it we could treat each other fairly amongst our own kind, all of these victims FOLLOWED US HERE and keep screeching we are the bad guys.

Never forget, 8 out of 10 slaves in the Deep South were owned by beanie babies. It's right there in the manifests and bills of sale and auction results in plan english. One in 10 slaves was owned by a BLACK FREEMAN who had no problem with slavery. That leaves just one slave to be owned by a poor white sharecropper and even that is speculative because very few bills of sale can even be found to validate that sharecroppers owned slaves.

NO BIGGER N*GGERS ON EARTH. If we were crybabies like they are we could really grind them into dust with this angle.

Think about it. It sounds hilarious until you realize it is true. GENETIC SEQUENCING shows that Americans have the highest ratio of Neanderthal genetic expression of any people in the world.

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White male of the right wing sexual predators are amongst your subscribers. Are you also one?

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Thank You!!!~ Only moments after reading your opus identifying my Caucasian persuasion's Neanderthal heritage, I could feel the surge of renewed self-pride in my Neanda lineage, and along with that pride came the self-satisfying rage that accompanies the recognition of such unimaginable discrimination as that which has been historically imposed upon me and my Cracka brethren... The feeling of indignant self-righteousness is blissful beyond words to describe.

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