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I think Noah is (or at least his *type* are) going through a kind of stages of grief process with this. I know I did about 5 years ago when I decided to have my liberal academic data science ass look at the actual data and discovered to my horror that there was no feasible way to get around the plain facts. Then came-- "denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance", though in my experience, bargaining comes before anger, so I think Mr. Smith is at stage 2 on the the course.

The solution is simple--acknowledge that the vast majority of people of all races are peaceful, law abiding citizens, and lock-up/punish those who aren't. If academics want to count the angels dancing on the head of a pin in terms of the resulting demographic distribution of arrests, let them--but don't dare let them influence the policies, keep locking up the violent criminals and you'll be doing everyone, black, white or other a favor. If blacks are more inclined to be locked up then you'll be doing those communities and even greater favor by removing the element that is terrorizing the rest at a greater rate.

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I am a simple man

I see an article against Noah Smith

i like and restack

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Mr. Smith would rather spend an hour in an all white area than an all black because he knows there is no chance of being attacked in the white area, unless it was suddenly invaded by non-whites.

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You have to be willing to lie about anything to be taken seriously by the mainstream media. That is a primary criteria. And for some reason now the mainstream media is trying to make a protected class of murderers and rapists, as long as they are black. So Noah is being ambitious, making a name for himself with the best people.

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Liars will lie. I forget who said,

'No one would make fake gold unless there were real gold.'

But it's true.

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Thank you (again) for clearly setting the correct tone. I have tried many different angles to educate the ravenous race baiting gaslighting brigades. Maybe I've changed a perspective or two, but it is hard to tell.

I wouldn't have seen Noah's post if it weren't for the new Notes feature. And honestly I'm still not sure whether that is a plus or a minus. So far I lean more towards that Notes is a slightly cleaned up version of the schizophrenia of twitter.

Thanks again for holding the serial liars to the light of truth.

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I agree with what you're saying here, but I wish this article actually addressed the direct claim.

You can look at interracial crime rates from 2 perspectives. Rate of offenders or rate of victims. There is no doubt that the black offender rates are much higher, the smaller population committing outsized numbers of crimes makes this patently obvious.

But it is possible that because there are so many more non-blacks the rate of victims in whites is smaller.

So let's do some math. Using the chart you provided we have ~60k white on black crimes.

If we go with 13% black population in the US that means about 1/7.7 of the population is black. We can then extrapolate the WvB raw number out to the entire population and get ~460k at that rate.

This is under the BvW raw number of about 548k. And that would be just the white population, not the whole population which th WvB number is meant to compare against.

So no they aren't victimized at a higher rate (by whites) either.

This isn't the ideal math to represent this, but I could do it on my phone with the data in that chart and 13%.

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The author of this article provides ZERO references for the claims made. Zero statistics. None whatsoever.

WHITE MALE MASS MURDERER OF INDIGENOUS WOMEN. Your brother from another mother:

Jeremy Skibicki, 35, is charged with first-degree murder in all four deaths. His lawyer says his client intends to plead not guilty on all counts. The trial is scheduled to begin in April 2024.

According to court documents and hearings, Skibicki has threatened to kill two previous partners in recent years. He was convicted of assaulting one of those women and charged with assault in connection with the other.

The charges in the latter case were stayed, a few months before Skibicki is alleged to have killed the first of the four victims.

Posts on a Facebook page linked to Skibicki, dated before his arrest earlier this year, were rife with violent sentiments, as well as antisemitic, misogynistic and white supremacist material.


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