Excellent essay. Eric Hoffer in "True Believer" quotes multiple Axis leaders pointing out how useful "Jews" were as a propaganda tool of the fascists. I put it in scare quotes because that it was they did; it wasn't actual Jewish people that they were worried about so much as imaginary Jews who were everywhere causing evil and problems. One of the quotes pointed out that if Jews hadn't existed they would have to have been invented.

I think "Nazis" have largely become the D's version of Jews, a phantom enemy to blame for all evil and must be fought by giving the D's more power.

I also agree that the over reaches of the Marxissicists will push more people towards becoming the monsters they claim to hate. Pushing a pendulum farther in one direction only makes it swing further in the other direction when it goes. Whether that is part of the D's plan, create actual Nazis they can point to generate more support for themselves, I couldn't say, but it does worry me that they will create a dragon to serve their purposes only to find they can't control it so well as they had hoped. Seems to me that is how civil wars start.

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Despite all of the debate surrounding the supposed differences between Nazism and Communism, at the functional root of both of their ideologies exists a totalitarian agenda that presupposes their duality of nature... "A strong, centralized government is key to both Nazism and Communism. Bolstered by a military-style police state, each political movement subverts civil liberties, silences dissent, and limits the role of the individual – all in favor of law, order, tradition, and efficiency.

I wonder if the Marxissist's ravings aren't simply a theatrical posturing designed to obfuscate their true political philosophy founded in the ideology of Nazism... It would only seem likely given our current regime's unwavering support of such elements as Ukraine's Azov Battalion... just as one example.

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Their Strrreeeccchhh MARX are showing? Well done! Try to keep free of that Turkey called Government, Left and Right Wings, together can never ever get off the ground. Join me in Voluntaryism? www.voluntaryist.com

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Valid points all - glad you made them today. It is very often overlooked that the reason Germany went for Nazism - actually electing the NSDAP on purpose - was because they were the only political group displaying any will or ability to stop the Communists from taking over.

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The goose-stepping Nazi LARPers have no more chance of attaining any sort of political power in America than a Civil War re-enactment troupe has of retaking Dixie. This is painfully obvious to anybody who gives it two seconds of thought, and yet we have spent years hearing that White Supremacists were the Greatest Threat to American Society Since Literally Hitler.

We might well see an authoritarian right-wing government come into power as a more palatable alternative to the left, but they aren't going to identify as Nazis and they aren't going to take their cues from a mid-20th Century German political movement whose greatest achievements were Volkswagens, autobahns, and burning the Institute of Sexology.

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“Why do they always get all the attention?!” - a figurative Nazi

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German National Socialism is much more widely spread than you think, usually in ethnic German-Polish alliance in academia and manufacturing:



"Marxists killed many times the number of people that Hitler and Mussolini did."

No. Communists killed ~twice those killed under Hitler and Mussolini.

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