"Marxcissist": nice. Needs to be added to the OED.

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Totally agree. I was surprised listening to him recently. Here's are a few of things he said:

"I'm sure you're all vaccinated or gonna die. We all know some anti-vaxxers and some of us used to know an anti-vaxxer. Strange how that's funny, right? Ha, ha, ha, they died. Ha, ha, ha."

"There was a shift in our empathy during the pandemic. I think it was those anti-vax preachers. Remember reading about them, you're like: 'Anti-vax preacher dies of Covid.' Good. I can say that because I'm a Christian."

Then on Climate Change:

" I don't know much about global warming, but I do know they stopped debating it."

Say what?! that last one really got me laughing. Tell me you're ignorant and then display that ignorance.

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Colbert could deliver lines well back on his old show. His writers were the funny ones. Now he's got neither. I tried to watch anything else he was ever in and it all sucked. Sad!

The Fleetwood Mac thing is hilarious and true. My lunkhead brother in law tried that line on me about 20 years ago so I gave early Mac a listen. Total shite.

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Now even Jim Gaffigan, in his Dark Pale special, has felt the need to comment on vaccines and climate change and, unfortunately, he shows he's followed the narrative like a good little useful idiot. He should stick to food....something he knows about.

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Craig Ferguson should have Colbert's job.

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