Great article! It makes it very clear that Marxcissists are fundamentally opposed to... Marxism! I wonder if we can get any converts? Perhaps not. It seems more and more like for the vast majority ideology is just a way to rationalize vying for power. Easier to get power by bending the knee to the empire than by uniting the workers of the world, that is for sure.

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"When Soviet agents infiltrated American society and attempted to spread the mind virus of communism, they achieved their greatest success in institutions dominated by the bourgeoise" Yes. Russians setup pedophile networks in the US in the 1950's to entrap politicians and business leaders... Still going strong. Good article. You might check out JR Nyquist. He is an excellent geo-political analyst. The dissolution of the Soviet empire was a ruse and the Soviet/Sino split was a trick as well. You can see all this playing out in real time today. Also there are also leaked Chinese documents about using bio weapons to take over the US. They want the infrastructure and the land just not the people. They (Russian/China together) are playing the long game and have currently captured most levers of power in the US using a scissors strategy. Add this to what you said in this article and you will be looking at the whole picture.

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Great honest snark!!

I look forward to day when the great wall of stupidity that has been built around the enclaves of woketopia can be breached, and scattered to the winds.

I think some are seeing the fallacies of their religion, but too many are still blind....

The question is will those of is old enough to have lived through the forced transition and mental mutilation of our once beloved country, live long enough to see it rescued from its captors and its own debilitating Stockholm syndrome?

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Yep. Used to be class. Now solely narcissistic identity politics 🧐

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