Prior to WWII, if a psychopath threatened the world the people rose up and killed him or, more often than not, one of them got in first and and stuck knives in his torso or, as in later centuries, lobbed a bullet in his head. Most citizens began to realise that loner assassins tend to be unhinged and sometimes kill the good guys, so they rejected procrastination and philosophical prevarication and all jumped in together and tore baddies to shreds, as they did with Bad Boy Bennito.

Then came the great blindness.

From 1945 onwards, people became conditioned from birth to expect sociopaths to come to the rescue... politicians, judges, bureaucrats, gods, or even Nature. Of course, such rescues never transpired because the City of London, Basel Switzerland, and Wall Street had convinced them all that the only proven protection came from non-violent and peaceful invocations to the psychopaths to desist and show love.

With the mRNA jab, the propaganda intensified and Herr Schwarb chuckled to his colleagues that "der dumkopfs vill polka all der vey to ze death chambers".

Meanwhile, Mrs Conway just caught the latest time machine back from the future saying, distractedly "There was nobody there. Nobody at all. The future is empty. Terminated".

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Hey Daniel. Just gotta say that this was a beautiful "rant", lol. Lotsa poetry in this, my brother. I think a lot of us feel and see the Clown right now. Probably gives us an edge, and stuff like this helps.


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Thanks! I really enjoyed what you wrote today on your substack about your experience attending Latin Mass -- talk about poetry! you are truly an artist with words -- and I am going to comment there, but I wanted to chew on it a bit more first because there is so much in that essay, so many interesting issues raised and possibilities to consider, as well as the way you bring the whole atmosphere and experience of the Latin Mass to life. Anyway, I just got through reading it and still am feeling literal awe at your writing as I reflect on that piece.

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Here's a link to the 'Ghost in the Machine' line in the 'Brazil' movie:


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What if you're not a regular human? What if the only thing standing between us and utopia is your unwillingness to undergo penile inversion vaginoplasty?

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