“According to Bilkszto, his other bosses also refused to support him, instead attacking him for his “male white privilege.” And yet, once Bilkszto filed a lawsuit against the TDSB, seeking $785,000 damages for the emotional and reputational harm he’d endured, those same administrators now began claiming that it was Ojo-Thompson who’d gone rogue.”

It’s important to remember two things. The true scope of “woke” is hard to estimate because our institutions are full of cowards like these people. They don’t actually believe it, but are so terrified of it that they signal allegiance at every opportunity and will continue to do so until it stands to hurt them personally, at which point they will collectively change direction like a school of fish. If Putin conquered Canada they would all be fighting each other for a slot at a PD session featuring Dugin and swearing that they had ALWAYS supported the liberation of the Donbas.

Second, true believers like the man who killed himself deserve our human sympathy in their deluded state, but they are engine driving this moral disaster and should be the real target of any opprobrium. He didn’t object to anything that lunatic was saying other than pointing out that Canada was less badwhite than America; one can assume that he has enforced diktats similar to what she was spewing in his own capacity as an authority. He lost out in the end because he was too honest to maintain the level of evil needed to function within the system he’d helped create and foster, like some Bolshevik who insisted on accurate records of the potato harvest.

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Very important point. The Trotskyists get purged once the revolution succeeds. They learn to late that the slogans meant nothing, that the movement was only ever about power.

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Aug 6, 2023Liked by Daniel D

> like some Bolshevik who insisted on accurate records of the potato harvest.

That's the best quote I've seen all week.

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There are certain terms that no longer have any meaning. Racist is one of those, as is Whiteness, and Sexist. Since the word doesn't mean anything, just ignore it.

I mean, we aren't supposed to use the word "Nigger," but black people call themselves that every day.

White is no more dangerous than WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) or Beaner, or any of the slurs that people use.

If your feelings are so tender that they get hurt by words, then maybe you need thicker skin.

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The Irony isn't lost on me. The most racist people are black because they see themselves as perpetual victims. They talk a great guilt game but don't act to fix the problem, probably because they'd be broke.

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