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What up, My Racist?!

What up, My Racist?!

A fun and lighthearted rant about race hucksters like Kike Ojo-Thompson

What up, my racist?! This episode features a fun and lighthearted rant about race hucksterism, a recent example of which is Kike Ojo-Thompson.

In case you aren’t familiar with the story, back in April 2021, Ms. Ojo-Thompson was paid lots of money by the Toronto’s public school system to lecture its administrators about how evil and racist they were. When Richard Bilkszto questioned her claim that Canada was even more evil and racist than the USA, Ojo-Thompson attacked him for being an embodiment of the evil and racism that needed to be eliminated from Toronto’s public schools. A controversy ensued, and at least initially, Bilkszto’s employer sided with Ojo-Thomspon. This past month, Richard Bilkszto killed himself.

Here’s the

Substack Note about how the term “racist” now operates essentially as a racial slur against white people:

And speaking of epithets that white people should embrace, how about Neanda? Learn more about this “N-Word” for white people here:

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A Ghost in the Machine
A Ghost in the Machine by Daniel D
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