Feb 13 • 28M

A Reading of Girl Boss Red Riding Hood (Audio)

A Disney-fied Reinvention of a Classic Fairy Tale for Politically-Correct Modern Audiences

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Daniel D
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A Reading of Girl Boss Red Riding Hood -- woman wearing red cape
A Reading of Girl Boss Red Riding Hood (Photo by Šárka Jonášová on Unsplash)

This is a reading of Girl Boss Red Riding Hood. The written story was published on February 5, 2023. Here is the original post if you wish to read it:

A Ghost in the Machine
Girl Boss Red Riding Hood
Once upon a time there was a girl boss named Red Riding Hood. Though she was only ten years old, she had the confidence and competence of several adults at once — I say “several” because there were no adults in all the world who could singlehandedly match Red Riding Hood in even one of the many disciplines that she had perfectly mastered, let alone all …
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