Mar 18 • 25M

A Reading of Pronouns Are Our Top Priority (Audio Podcast)

Clownworld employees always love it when upper management focuses on fundamentals.

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Daniel D
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A Reading of Pronouns Are Our Top Priority: Working for Clownworld, Inc. clown in red blue and yellow plaid shirt
A Reading of Pronouns Are Our Top Priority: Working for Clownworld, Inc. (Photo by Rangarajan Ragunathan on Unsplash)

This is a reading of my recent post, Pronouns Are Our Top Priority, with some added commentary and ranting and raving thrown in for good measure.

A Ghost in the Machine
Pronouns Are Our Top Priority!
For my day job, I work for a large organization that I’ll call Peter Principle Enterprises. For the past few years, I have noticed a steady deterioration in pretty much every area of our day-to-day operations. Senior management seems oblivious. The disconnect between our “leaders” and the reality on the ground is really incredible…
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