A Ghost in the Machine
A Ghost in the Machine by Daniel D
Cats against Climate Change (Audio)

Cats against Climate Change (Audio)

How YOU can help YOUR household pets join the fight to save the planet and protect the Obamas' beachfront property!
Cap the Cat, one of a growing number of Cats Against Climate Change (CACC)

In this episode, Daniel D reads his substack article Cats against Climate Change: On the important role our furry feline friends can play in saving the earth and protecting the Obamas' beachfront property from rising oceans...

A Ghost in the Machine
Cats against Climate Change!
This morning, I had an important conversation about climate change with my household pets: two dogs, three cats, a parakeet, a lizard, a couple of fish, and a guinea pig. Nevermind, forget the guinea pig; one of the cats just ate it while they were waiting for our meeting to begin…
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A Ghost in the Machine
A Ghost in the Machine by Daniel D
A Ghost in the Machine features hot takes on modern life from Daniel D, a regular human in a world gone mad. Daniel is nerdy and philosophical like Woody Allen, loud and angry like Sam Kinison, and full of shit like a clogged gas station toilet. It's all part of Life's rich pageant!
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