Jul 18, 2022 • 34M

Random News from Clown World (Audio)

Where Truth Is Stranger than Fiction and More Absurd than Satire

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Daniel D
A Ghost in the Machine features hot takes on modern life from Daniel D, a regular human in a world gone mad. Daniel is nerdy and philosophical like Woody Allen, loud and angry like Sam Kinison, and full of shit like a clogged gas station toilet. It's all part of Life's rich pageant!
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Random News from Clown World!
Random News from Clown World!

This is the audio version of my Random News from Clown World article.

Note: the audio differs fairly significantly from the written version. I read some portions verbatim, but overall I try to adapt my presentation to the format. Much of what works well in written form does not work so well in audio, and vice versa. Accordingly, when recording audio, I will sometimes paraphrase what I read and riff parenthetically in order (hopefully) to make it more engaging.

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You can see the video and images relating to these Clown World news stories here:

A Ghost in the Machine
Random News from Clown World
Welcome to Clown World! Where Truth is stranger than fiction and even more absurd than the zaniest satire. Here are some of the latest stories. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Turd-eau at Drag Queen Story Hour During Pride Month, a few lucky children got to see everyone’s favorite Prime Minister, Justin Turd-eau, reading and performing children’s stories a…
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