Welcome to A Ghost in the Machine!1 I'm a regular human trying to make sense of this crazy clownworld. Let's compare notes and share strategies!

There are some extremely interesting, heterodox thinkers on Substack — for today’s free thinkers, this platform truly is to us what the Left Bank of Paris was for the Lost Generation of writers after World War I — and joining in the conversations happening here has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

Some posts are serious; some are absurd; all are hopefully entertaining and thought-provoking. I write about whatever interests me, from the personal to the philosophical and all sorts of random stuff in between. If you see something you like here, kindly share it with others; and go ahead and subscribe, so you get future posts.

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Sure, you could subscribe for free and read most new posts and join in the spirited conversations happening in the comment section, and sure, that would be fun and all. But a paid subscription is only $5 a month! If I was a kid standing at your front door trying to sell you some overpriced crap for a school fundraiser, you’d spend more than that without thinking twice, just to get me to go away. I’m offering you fun and insightful writing and occasional humorous audio podcasts, all of which is much more useful and enjoyable than anything those annoying schoolkids are trying to sell you. So tell that bratty kid to piss off, and spend your money on a paid subscription to this substack instead. You will definitely sleep better at night if you do.

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I'm a regular human trying to make sense of this crazy clownworld. Let's compare notes and share strategies.


Trying to navigate this crazy clownworld and sifting through the BS to get to what's real. Let's compare notes.