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Israel's 9/11

Israel's 9/11

My thoughts about Israel vs Hamas, as an American, watching the world careening towards World War III
Israel’s 9/11: my thoughts about Israel vs Hamas, as an American, watching the world careening towards World War III_aerial view of city buildings during daytime
Israel’s 9/11: my thoughts about Israel vs Hamas, as an American, watching the world careening towards World War III

In this episode, I share my thoughts about the situation with Israel and Palestine, as well as what I believe America’s response should be. Here’s the TL;DR (or too long; didn’t listen):

  • Israel’s 10/7 is a lot like America’s 9/11: if you’re an American, remember how you (and everyone around you) felt that day, and how your feelings were manipulated by power-hungry psychopaths to advance their interests at your expense;

  • Remember also all the red flags and anomalies that subsequently cast doubt on the official narrative, leading (for many people) to a growing belief that certain high-level officials in our own government knew what was coming and allowed it to happen, effectively sacrificing thousands of their own people in order to get the forever wars and surveillance state that they wanted (but couldn’t have pulled off before 9/11);

  • I fully expect those same patterns to emerge with Israel’s 10/7 — it seems inconceivable that the Mossad had no prior knowledge of Hamas’s plans and that hundreds of Hamas fighters were able to cross one of the most militarized borders on the planet (in an over-the-top theatrical way) without triggering an immediate response from the IDF, and that they were able to rampage through Israel for as long as they did without facing any resistance from military or police;

  • America should not be a party to this conflict; even if we felt our intervention was justified, we need to use our resources and manpower to get our own house in order;

  • Images of Hamas brutalizing young Israeli women truly do shock the conscience, as do images of black terrorists brutalizing white farmers in South Africa and images of black street criminals brutalizing pretty much everyone in America’s big cities — saying we should not intervene on behalf of Israel in this conflict does not mean that we should support Hamas — there’s a reason why ANTIFA and BLM supporters are also Hamas supporters — Israel is fully capable, without our help, of doing to Hamas what America should do to ANTIFA/BLM rioters;

  • The Israelis and the Palestinians are like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s: the only way for a third-party (like America) to win in this conflict is not to get involved;

  • America’s “friendship” with Israel has been one-sided and ruinously expensive for America and her people;

  • If America’s public officials cared half as much about protecting the interests of the American people as they care about the interests of Israel and Ukraine, we’d have a completely different country, fewer international enemies, and a fraction of the debt;

  • Americans are justified in questioning the true allegiance of any public official who demonstrates more concern for foreign peoples than they do for Americans — if (for example) Victoria Nuland demonstrates a reckless disregard for the well-being of Americans while pursuing foreign policy objectives that align more closely with the interests of Israel, Americans should see her as a snake and a quisling and treat her accordingly;

  • This also goes for pro-Palestinian, pro-Islamist Bolsheviks, like Ilhan Omar and the rest of her Squad — if we had a healthy civilization, Omar and her ilk would have been deported long ago;

  • The people of a nation are distinct from their government — and especially from the “inner ring” that holds the real power within their government: this is true for America, and it’s also true for Israel — and even for the Gaza strip;

  • The “friend/enemy” dichotomy is overly simplistic; different groups of people and different nations have different interests, with varying degrees of alignment or conflict based on their interests and how they prioritize those interests;

  • In some rare cases — such as George Soros and the ADL — the conflicts of interests are so severe (they want our people dead or enslaved) that they rise to the level of being an enemy, with whom no compromise or accommodation can be made; such enemies are demons who must be destroyed;

  • But it is also important to remember that George Soros and the ADL are not the same as “the Jews” — “the Jews” include various sub-groups with competing interests: reform/atheist Jews are often, but not always, aligned with the banksters and the Bolsheviks, but Orthodox Jews are mostly right-wing in their political beliefs and cultural norms and are among the most vocal opponents of the Bolshevik cultural revolution that is currently being promoted by Soros and the ADL;

  • The pro-Israel camp also includes lots of Christians, especially Evangelicals and Pentecostals, who are probably more fervent Zionists than most Jews, and these Christians are also vocal opponents of the Bolshevik cultural revolution;

  • The pro-Palestinian side includes almost all the non-Jewish Bolsheviks, as well as a few Jewish Bolsheviks, whose Conformmunist identity is more important to them than their religious or ethnic identity;

  • Basically, the issues and parties involved are a complex web of historical grievances, religious traditions, geopolitical alliances, etc., and American interests are best served by staying out of this family feud between the Semitic peoples of Judea, and focusing instead on securing our own border, deporting invaders from our own country, bringing predatory criminal animals to heel, and completely overhauling the parasitic financial sector;

  • We should identify what our interests are and form ad hoc alliances based on those interests, which will frequently mean joining forces with essentially Zionist evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews on issues unrelated to Israel (even though these groups’ good-faith support of Israel is often exploited by bad-faith neo-con-artists), because …

  • The ongoing Bolshevik cultural revolution here in America (and the rest of the West) is absolutely the biggest threat to us and to everything that makes our lives worth living, and evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews are absolutely on the right side of that culture war.

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