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Jumping on the "Silence Russell Brand" Wagon?

Jumping on the "Silence Russell Brand" Wagon?

Nice little public image you got there, with which you criticize our regime . . . Be a shame if something happened to it!
Jumping on the “Silence Russell Brand” Wagon? Image of Russell Brand with tape over his mouth.
Jumping on the “Silence Russell Brand” Wagon?

How reassuring it is to see that our ruling class cares so very deeply about protecting the vulnerable from sexual predation! I had begun to think they weren’t concerned, given their “ho hum” indifference towards the scandals surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s questionable friendships with Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and other global elites; given their antipathy towards the movie Sound of Freedom (“Don’t see it! It’s just a Q-Anon conspiracy film!”); given their full-throated support of “child-friendly drag shows” and the idea that it’s okay for government officials to secretly counsel 12-year-old children to get mutilated in order to pretend to be a different gender; etc. But suddenly, just when you thought they didn’t care, they miraculously do care, and they want YOU to care, that Russell Brand did some allegedly bad things to vulnerable women 15 to 20 years ago. What a relief!

I’m sure the regime’s newfound commitment to fighting against sexual exploitation has nothing whatsoever to do with Russell Brand’s very public criticism of the high-level corruption around COVID, Ukraine, etc. I’m sure the ruling elites would never try to get someone removed from public life merely because they find his message threatening to their interests. Not like they would ever do such a thing — well, aside from that time with Tucker Carlson getting fired from Fox. Oh, and that time they tried to smear Joe Rogan as a racist (which is one of the few mortal sins left in this postmodern cultural wasteland) because he was getting too loud about the holes in the mainstream narrative surrounding COVID. And I guess they kind of are doing this presently to the former President of the United States and the chief political rival of the current President. And I suppose they did do that to the Canadian Trucker Convoy protestors. And . . . well, okay, so I guess they do this sort of thing a lot, but that is absolutely NOT what’s happening now. This is 1000% on the up and up, completely and entirely because the powers-that-be are now very concerned about protecting the vulnerable from sexual harm and exploitation — unless those vulnerable people happen to be schoolchildren in the State of California. But otherwise, yes, the regime is very concerned. And so should you be!

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