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A Ghost in the Machine by Daniel D
The American Ship Has Hit the Iceberg

The American Ship Has Hit the Iceberg

So what do we do now, and when do we head for the lifeboats?

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The American Ship Has Hit the Iceberg . . . So What Now? Photograph of the RMS Titanic.
The American Ship Has Hit the Iceberg . . . So What Now?

The American ship of has hit the iceberg — or more like a series of icebergs. The CIA-backed coup in 1963 (i.e., the assassination of JFK and the installation of LBJ), the cultural revolution of the 1960s, and Vietnam. The financialization of the economy following whatever the fuck happened in 1971. NAFTA, and all of Ross Perot’s warnings that came to pass in its aftermath. 9/11 and 20 years of GWOT, ending in a disastrously embarrassing withdrawal under Joe Brandon (after which the Taliban emerged stronger and more fully in control of Afghanistan than they had been on 9/11). A fraudulent Iraq War, with trillions of dollars down the drain and thousands of lives needlessly sacrificed, leaving American and the Middle-East less safe and less stable than before. A financial meltdown, to which our bankster-occupied government responded by printing a shit ton of money and giving it all to the very banksters that caused the whole mess, while doing absolutely nothing to help the regular Americans whose livelihoods had been wrecked by the economic cataclysm. The scamdemic, and all the lies and tyranny of psychopathic public officials eager to capitalize on a manufactured crisis. Weaponized federal law enforcement and Soros DAs unleashing anarcho-tyranny with one hand and politically-motivated prosecutions of the regime’s opponents with the other. And now that the military has been thoroughly degraded in terms of its weaponry and personnel, and now that the strategic petroleum reserve has been depleted —not for a national emergency, but for Joe Brandon’s short-term political benefit, the psychopathic war pigs in DC are clamoring for World War III, trying desperately to provoke a fight with Russia and Iran. We are in worse shape than we have ever been — economically, militarily, industrially, culturally, spiritually, physically, etc. — and the next Black-Swan event will reveal the full extent of all our self-destruction over the past several decades . . . and that Black-Swan event could happen anytime (indeed, our governing elites seem hell bent on causing one to occur). With escalating geopolitical tensions, indicators of a looming financial crisis, and all the craziness that the upcoming 2024 election cycle will bring, the collapse phase will probably accelerate sooner rather than later.

So what should we do in light of all this? How should we spend our remaining time before the impending (and inevitable, at this point) collapse? Who deserves our loyalty? And who does not? How do we prepare? Is there a silver lining in all this apparent doom and gloom?1 Such are the topics of discussion in this podcast episode.

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