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Why I Cannot Give a Shit about the So-Called Climate Crisis

And why you shouldn't be distracted by this Chicken-Little hysteria either, when more urgent problems are being deliberately ignored by the Neiman-Marxists pushing our civilization off a cliff.

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Climate-Crisis Commies are trying to destroy civilization.
Climate-Crisis Commies are trying to destroy civilization.

Urgent news bulletin: global cooling (circa 1970s) — er, make that acid rain — er, make that the hole in the ozone — er, make that global warming — er, make that climate change — er, make that the climate crisis — did you hear me? I said, “THE CLIMATE CRISIS!!!” — yes, the climate CRISIS is going to kill us all! Until this CRISIS is solved, we must ignore all other problems in the world (except all the imaginary white supremacy allegedly being promoted by the likes of Larry Elder and Candace Owens and the literal genocide being committed against trans people when they are denied the right to educate your young children on the merits of chemical castration and anal sex — somehow these issues are all connected, because an overwhelming majority of the folks who crusade for one of these causes fully support all of them).

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So to hell with your standard of living, ignorant proles! To hell with being able to afford food! To hell with cooling your house in the Summer or heating your home in the Winter! To hell with being able to afford to raise a family! To hell with your ability to do anything other than live in your tiny pods, eat the bugs, own nothing, and be happy (or else)!

You will own nothing and be happy! Prepare to live in the pods and eat the bugs, all you useless people!
You will own nothing and be happy! Prepare to live in the pods and eat the bugs, all you useless people!

Side note: all of this climate-change hysteria is working out wonderfully for Communist China, which is a big supporter of America’s “green energy” movement, even while China builds up its own infrastructure with those dreaded fossil fuels. Wonder why that is? (Bryan Dean Wright has some great coverage of “dirty green energy” on his Wright Report podcast!)


Anyway, I got into it with some climate-change zealots on Substack’s Notes earlier this week, and it inspired me to record this podcast of me ranting and raving and all that fun stuff. (Hope you enjoy it!) Here’s the climate-change wack job’s original post and my (admittedly) snarky response, which sparked much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from my environmentalist interlocutors (visit the Substack page linked in this post if you are viewing this on a podcast app or streaming platform, to see the embedded posts and notes from Substack, as well as linked articles and embedded videos and such):

Here’s a representative response, showing how much climate-change Conformmunists care about things like freedom and basic constitutional rights:

And that’s the real reason I object so strongly and derisively to all this climate-change nonsense. If I really believed manmade climate change was about to wipe out human life, I would be more concerned, but after 50+ years of failed predictions from this crowd, it’s just hard to take their Chicken-Little melodrama seriously, especially when they use massaged statistics to deceive people into accepting their version of reality that runs contrary to common sense (because when you’ve been getting it consistently wrong for 50+ years, what else can you do to keep people in a state of perpetual panic?). And then you see how environmentalism is used as a cudgel by psychopathic Marxcissists to strip us of our rights and demolish our economy and standard of living, and it becomes difficult not to really despise these folks. At best they are the WEF demons’ true-believer useful idiots; at worst, they are the WEF demons’ knowing accomplices. Either way, they are promoting an anti-human ideology, and I hate them for it.


Here’s a good discussion with the Tonic Crew

on the subject of climate change:

And here’s the Richard Jeni bit I reference in the podcast. He shits on everyone in short order, from the far-Right to the far-Left to the wishy-washy independents, before nailing the trillionaire Neiman-Marxists right between their beady eyes:

And, of course, there’s Jesse Kelly, whose book The Anti-Communist Manifesto has an excellent chapter detailing the links between the environmentalist movement and Communism:

The First TV has a blurb about the book and links to purchase it at all the major retailers: https://www.thefirsttv.com/book/

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