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Mike Benz/Candace Owens 2024!

Mike Benz/Candace Owens 2024!

Or Not all Jews, Not all Blacks, and Not Even All Neandas

In this episode (and in time for MLK Day), we revisit the “Jewish Question,” the “Black Question,” and the “Neanda Question,” and via airtight logic and unimpeachable evidence we arrive at the inexorable conclusion that Mike Benz should be our next President and that Candace Owens should be Vice President. (And George Soros, Fanni Willis, and Joe Brandon should be given the most “cruel and unusual punishments” imaginable for their crimes.)

Mike Benz Candace Owens for President and Vice President of the USA 2024
When I entered “Mike Benz Candace Owens for President and Vice President of the USA 2024” in the prompt for Substack’s A.I. generator, it gave me the above image. I guess Candace Owens is on the left, some other cabinet official, who appears to be a second or possibly third-generation Dominican immigrant, is on the right, and Mike Benz is the totally non-Jewish Pacific Islander in the middle.

Side note: when discussing the upcoming election, I use the first-person plural possessive with you, dear reader and listener, because I want to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are a fellow American — if you are not, this is no doubt due to a moral failing on your part or on the part of your ancestors, but since you are “doing the work” by listening to my podcast, I will extend grace and overlook this flaw in your otherwise noble character and consider you as an honorary American (Lord knows anyone and everyone who wants to waltz across our wide-open southern border is permitted by our catamite government to seize the label “American” for themselves).

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If you want to check out the classic Richard Jeni bit (from A Big Steaming Pile of Me) I reference in this episode, you can do so here:

When it comes to understanding the issues involved in the “Jewish Question,” I cannot recommend highly enough

’s series on the Holocaust and its cultural significance in the post-WWII West (beginning with the the first in the series: “Transed and Nationless: the Post Hitler West (Introduction)”), which is about as fair, nuanced, and comprehensive an examination of this difficult topic as is humanly possible to do on an internet blog (hopefully Mowrey will expand this series into a book). ’s post “The complicated relationship between the central bank owners and the Jewish people” is also excellent. And while you’re at it, check out ’s extremely insightful and nuanced essay about the Rorschach Blot that is pre-Cold War German history, and especially the years of The Mustachioed Maniac: “Hitler, the Ultimate Rorschach Test.”

As for the black/white issues,

’s review of “South Africa's Brave New World” provides a powerful and concise warning about what happens if the race communists win: rapid regression from an advanced and prosperous First-World country, to a dystopian and dysfunctional Third-World shit-hole. Guaranteed. Chose wisely, America! We can follow the wise counsel of Thomas Sowell, or indulge the childish folly of that clownworld con-artist Ibram X Kendi. The choise is ours! (Though with the rise of race communism since the advent of the Obama administration — some “post-racial President” he turned out to be! — we have already been sliding down that slippery slope for several years now.)

And finally, for the Neandas who can be so terrified of being called “racist” or “antisemitic” or “xenophobic” or “Islamophobic” or “misogynistic” or whatever else that they would rather suffer silently under crime and corruption than confront it,

has a great post on “toxic empathy” called “Colossus of Troy.” It should be required reading before you can vote. Also, has several excellent posts on the relationship between toxic empathy and narcissism and how it impacts our civilization.

Oh, and one more “finally:” if you have not already done so, you absolutely, positively need to read

’s essay, “Power without Accountability Is Tyranny.” The title really says it all!

Oh, and one final “finally:” the “Tonic crew” and I (though I be the least tonic among them) did a podcast episode on “The Declaration of Military Accountability” that Grant and other current and former servicemembers are part of. You can watch the video on YouTube or listen to the audio on Spotify or whatever podcast platform you use.

And that’s the last “finally!” We are finally done! Oh wait — as you were — there is one more “finally:” subscribe to this Substack (if you haven’t already done so), so you can get even more of my blog posts and audio podcasts!

And with that final “finally” out of the way, we are now officially and finally done.

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